Event Agenda finalized till date


The Algo World A journey in the world of algorithms in trading. Different directions with a common start. Mechanical or Automated, still Algo? Genius or Method?

Andrea Unger 4 time winner of World Cup Trading Championship


The Magic of Dual Momentum Trading The steps to develop a quantitative rotational trading strategy that trades a basket of stocks from an index, using a trend following approach and with inbuilt downside protection

Alan Clement National Director of Australian Technical Analysts Association


Challenges and hurdles for Algo Traders. How to overcome them effectively

Mandi Pour Rafsendjani Active Trader and Trained NLP Coach


Robustness Testing: Noise testing, E-Ratio and more Intraday Edge, Variance Testing, and Noise Testing

David Bergstrom Founder, Build Alpha Software


Defining state changes and context while maintaining durable and robust strategies Techniques for modeling structure. A few strategies. How the strategies perform in different states. Type of market states. Warning signs preceding state change. Use an external

Linda Bradford Raschke Renowned Market Wizard


Practical insights into running and scaling a Multi-Crore fund

Jay Shah Founder, One Tree Hill Wealth Partners


The Illusion of Beliefs and How to Become a Trading Genius Beliefs are Filters to Reality, but not Reality. How to know that and find useful Beliefs. Beliefs that will make anyone a Trading Genius. What are the reasons most Traders are not Successful. How to rise above it all to become one of the best

Dr. Van K. Tharp Ph.D. Renowned Market Wizard, Professional Trading Coach